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What is the personalized training?

CogniFit Personalized Training is automatically offered free of charge to every user up to 4 brain training games out of 30+ brain training games.

CogniFit's patented technologically offers advanced real-time training that manages each of your training experience. Using sophisticated algorithms on data provided by the assessment, CogniFit technology configures your personalized training program with an optimal balance of tasks and levels of difficulty to match your cognitive profile. Ongoing, CogniFit technology ensures maximum training effectiveness by continually monitoring your performance and adjusting the tasks in real time.

CogniFit Personalized Training  offers training on 20+ core cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration, speed processing, eye-hand coordination, etc. You can train as much as you like and whenever you like.

You can add content to your brain training regimen by subscribing to CogniFit.