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What is the specific training for spatial perception?

Spatial perception is an important cognitive skill that you use on a daily basis. Good spatial perception gives you the ability to quickly grasp the arrangement of your surroundings and understand where you stand in the environment. You constantly use your spatial perception to navigate and move around. It also helps you to avoid colliding with objects or other external elements in your environment.

For example, imagine that you are invited to a new restaurant located in a mall. When arriving at the mall, you will use your spatial perception to locate the restaurant on the map and understand where you need to go. Another example is when you are playing a sport like football: you need to have an excellent spatial perception to understand where you stand against the rest of the players on the field and what is the best position to catch the ball.

The Spatial Perception training is specifically designed to help you maintain and train your spatial perception skill and can help you better perceive your position in space.

CogniFit's specific training for spatial perception is available to CogniFit's subscribers only. We invite you to read the "How to subscribe to CogniFit?" article.