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What is the specific training for GMAT and SAT?

What’s more important than to ensure your brain and cognitive skills are in top shape while you prepare your SAT/GMAT to ace your exam? 

Research has shown that cognitive factors, like working memory, higher-level cognitive processes (i.e. knowledge integration) and the level of other cognitive abilities can predict SAT/GMAT performance. 

Having strong cognitive skills can provide the ability to learn new text-based information, to draw text-based or numerical inferences, to access prior knowledge from short-term and long-term memory.

CogniFit is a global leader in scientific brain training software and develop brain exercises which assess and train your cognition and the cognitive abilities that are important to stay in top mental shape.

Integrating the latest research in neuroscience, CogniFit trains key cognitive skills that you will use during your preparation and exam. More specifically, you will train your concentration, focus, attention, working memory, response time as well as many other verbal skills such as naming and recognition.

CogniFit's specific training for GMAT and SAT is available to CogniFit's subscribers only. We invite you to read the "How to subscribe to CogniFit?" article.