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What is the specific training for ADD/ADHD?

The ADD/ADHD training is developed to train some of the cognitive skills impacted by attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder and comes with several new tasks to train those cognitive abilities.

Most research concludes that ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) originate in an inability to inhibit the processing of irrelevant thoughts or information.  Individuals with ADHD have great difficulty paying attention. All known cognitive difficulties in ADHD result from this one inability to suppress irrelevant information. 

CogniFit ADHD training is focused in increasing the duration of our attention span and teaching us to control our behavior. While playing users will learn how to ignore things happening in the environment and suppress thoughts in our minds that are irrelevant to what we must do. If we do not inhibit the irrelevant information, it will side-track us and prevent us from reaching our goals.

This training can help if you are easily distracted, miss details, have difficulty maintaining focus on one activity or frequently switch from one activity to another. Lacking attention can also lead to having difficulty processing information as quickly and accurately as others or struggle to follow instructions.

CogniFit's specific training for ADD/ADHD is available to CogniFit's subscribers only. We invite you to read the "How to subscribe to CogniFit?" article.