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What is the specific training against the chemotherapy effects?

Chemotherapy can provoke significant cognitive impairment. Start training your cognition today.

Cancer-related cognitive impairment has been acknowledged by the scientific community as a substantial limiting factor in quality of life among cancer patients and survivors.

Also known as chemo fog or post-chemotherapy cognitive impairment (PCCI), the systems of the body most affected by chemotherapy drugs include visual and semantic memory, attention and motor coordination.

These effects can impair the patient's ability to understand and make decisions regarding treatment, perform in school or at work and can reduce the quality of life. It might also be more difficult to multitask, comprehend what you've just read, follow the thread of a conversation, and retrieve words.

CogniFit develops scientifically validated brain training software that let you assess and train a large number of those cognitive abilities as well as many other that you need in your daily life.

CogniFit's specific training against the chemotherapy effects is available to CogniFit's subscribers only. We invite you to read the "How to subscribe to CogniFit?" article.