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What is the specific training against the stroke effects?

Stroke is the second most common cause of cognitive impairment and dementia and can significantly affect your attention, memory, planning and other executive functions.

Strokes are usually classified into two major categories: and hemorrhagic and ischemic. Hemorrhagic strokes are the ones which result from the rupture of a blood vessel while ischemic strokes are those that are caused by interruption of the blood supply.

Stroke symptoms can start suddenly, over seconds to minutes. The symptoms and consequences are usually link to the area of the brain affected. The more extensive the area, the more functions are likely to be impacted or lost. Some forms of stroke can cause additional symptoms on top of the well-known cognitive ones.

CogniFit offers a scientifically validated and online brain training software that will let you assess and train most of the cognitive abilities which are usually affected by a stroke as well as many others that you need in your daily life.

CogniFit's specific training against the stroke effects is available to CogniFit's subscribers only. We invite you to read the "How to subscribe to CogniFit?" article.