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How to add patients

Once you have purchased assessment licenses or monthly training licenses, you are ready to add patients to your account and select their intervention in a few clicks. Read this article for a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through the process. 

1/ Go to the patients page.

Log into your CogniFit account and click on the "Patients" tab at the top.

2/ Click on the "Add patients" option.

3/ Enter patient information.

Why does CogniFit ask for patients email addresses? 
If patients were to use your "admin account" to complete their intervention, they would see other patients results. To avoid such unfortunate event, patients need their own access by signing up for CogniFit. An email address is a unique identifier and the best way to link your health professional account with your patients, and give you access to their results.
For privacy reasons, you can use fake email addresses. In that case, patients will not be able to reset their password on their own. You will need to make a request on their behalf by contacting


3.1/ Click on the "Add" button.

The confirmation that the patient has been added appears in the right-side panel.

If you would you like to add several patients at a time, enter a new patient information the same way you did in 2/. Then click on the "Add" button to add the new patient. 

Repeat this step as many times as you need to add patients.


3.2/ Click on the "Continue" button.


3.3/ You can remove a patient even after clicking on the "Continue" button.

Simply click on the "X" near the patient's name.

4/ Choose the type of intervention.

5/ Choose the intervention details.

5.1/ If you selected the assessment intervention.

Choose the type of assessment you would like the patient to complete.

Note that all of the assessments start with a questionnaire. If you would like to complete the questionnaire yourself, and not the patient, click on the "no" option in the "self-administered questionnaire" area. Attention, the self-administered questionnaire option is not available for patients under 13 years old.


5.2/ If you selected the training intervention.

Choose the type of training program you would like the patient to complete.

Then you can customize the training regimen:

  • Delay between training sessions: You can block patients from completing several training sessions in a row. For example, if you wish patients to train only when at your office, set a delay of 24 hours in between training sessions. If you would like patients to train as many time as they want, do not block them by setting no delay between training sessions (0 hour delay option).
  • Duration of the training program: During this training period, patients will have access to the training regimen you customized for them.
  • Automatic renewal: If you wish the patient to automatically continue with another training period. The most flexible combination is to set a one-month training period with auto-renewal. 

6/ Click Send button.

Review the summary of your options in the right-side panel before clicking on the send button.

7/ Warning: The Patient account does not exist yet.

When clicking on the send button, the patient receives an email with an invitation to register for CogniFit in order to complete the intervention you have customized.