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What does personalized training mean?

Research shows that to provide you with an effective brain fitness program, the brain training regimen needs to be personalized to match your unique cognitive needs. Unlike physical activity, you cannot discern on your own what you want to improve. This is why training without a prior cognitive assessment is ineffective.

Consequently, the CogniFit personalized brain fitness program starts with a baseline assessment of your unique cognitive profile before your training even begins. Using your assessment results and your ongoing performance, the CogniFit personalized brain fitness program automatically builds an optimal brain training regimen that matches your unique cognitive needs.

Most of other brain training programs on the market lack a baseline assessment and still claim they are “personalized”; but this generally refers to the fact that your training sessions will include your most highly rated games, i.e. the games you like the most. Such “personalization” is not effective because people tend to highly rate games that are easy for them, so they naturally avoid the most challenging brain games.