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How to make student results available?

You can only see your students' results if they agree to share their results with you.

If a patient does not agree to share results with you when they first create their CogniFit account, you will not see their results but they will still have access to CogniFit.

If you want to recover your CogniFit license, you can delete the patient from your account and recover the license.

When you send an invitation, it will automatically ask the user to share their results with you.

It will look like this.

The user must click Yes.

A user can stop sharing information with you

1) Go to Account Settings

Once they are logged into their CogniFit account, go to Account Settings by clicking their name in the top-right corner of the screen.


2) Go to Privacy

The user will see the option to Stop Sharing. If the click this button, they will have the option to turn off their sharing option.

A warning message will appear.
If they are sure that they want to stop sharing, click continue.