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How to Activate Student Account

Once you have your teacher account setup, you can start to invite students.

If you would like to activate your
student's account on their behalf, you can see how to do so in the following video.

 You can see how your patient can activate their account in the video below.

To see how to invite students, please refer to this article.

Once you have entered the User’s e-mail address and have sent the invitation in your teacher account, it is now possible to activate the student account, regardless of if the activation e-mail has been received.

As a professional user, you must first log out completely from your teacher account. Indeed, students must connect through their own account, otherwise they would get access to other students' results, which is completely forbidden. To see how to log out, please refer to this article.

From the CogniFit homepage, click the Join Today button in the center of the screen. The user will then click the first option, to create an individual account.


Since the systems need to link students with their teacher, it is critical to enter the exact same email address as when you sent the invitation to the student. Follow onscreen instructions.

After completing this process, the account will be activated and automatically linked to your teacher account.