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Information about assessments

Cognitive assessments are one of the two main products offered by CogniFit.

These assessments aim to measure the different cognitive abilities of the user, as well as specific symptoms of some disorders or other data of interest. After each evaluation, the cognitive profile in CogniFit will be updated and you will be able to see the results in a clear and comprehensible way. They can be applied to children over 7 years old, adolescents, adults and seniors.

CogniFit assessments consist of a series of online tests with an approximate duration of between 15 and 40 minutes, which can be done either from a computer, from a tablet or from a smartphone with Internet access. They have three main parts:

  • Questionnaire: The user will be asked a series of relevant questions about what they are trying to assess(for example, symptoms of specific pathologies, level of well-being, etc.). The user will have to answer honestly "Yes" or "No".

  • Tasks: Each assessment is composed of a different number of examination tasks. The tasks that will appear in each assessment will vary according to the cognitive skills that are intended to be measured. A series of variables, for example, accuracy or reaction times will generate the overall score of one cognitive capacity and so on.

  • Report: Once the questionnaire and the tasks section have been completed, the user can download a complete results report, where they can know their general cognitive profile, their scores in their cognitive areas, and the results of the different areas of the questionnaire. The meaning of each score will be clearly explained in the report, an index derived from the questionnaire answers will be provided, as well as conclusions and recommendations for the user.

assessments are accessible from all CogniFit platforms (for particular users, health professionals, families, schools and researchers). By purchasing one assessment license you get to apply the evaluation one time, but you can buy as many licenses as you wish.

Currently there are different types of assessments:

  • General Cognitive Assessment (CAB).
  • Dyslexia Cognitive Assessment (CAB-DX).
  • Dyscalculia Cognitive Assessment (CAB-DC).
  • ADHD Cognitive Assessment (CAB-TDAH).
  • Depression Cognitive Assessment (CAB-DP).
  • Driving Cognitive Assessment (CAB-DR).
  • Parkinson Cognitive Assessment (CAB-PK).
  • Chemo Fog Cognitive Assessment (CAB-CF).
  • Insomnia Cognitive Assessment (CAB-IN).
  • Fibromyalgia Cognitive Assessment (CAB-FB).
  • Academic Cognitive Assessment (S-CAB). Only available for the School platform.

To learn more about the information shown in this article, you can read this document.