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How to add a family member to the platform?

Once the CogniFit account for family members is set up, you can start inviting family members.

From the home page, which will appear as soon as you finish the registration process, you will see a welcome box and then a title: Add a new family member

Now you must add the data requested by the program, corresponding to your relative. Then click on Add.

In this next step, the program will ask you if you want your family member to have their own account where they will receive the assessments or training, or if you would prefer your family member be assigned assessments or training from the main family platform.

The person responsible for the account must choose the option that best suits their needs and click on Add.

Option 1: The family member will have their own account from which to perform training sessions or assessments.

In this option, the person responsible for the family account will have to add the email address of the family member they want to assess or train and click on Add.


Option 2: The family member will conduct the evaluations and trainings from the main Family member account.

In this option, the person responsible for the account must click directly on Add to continue with the process.

The next step will be to choose the type of intervention for the family member, either Assessment or Cognitive Training.

And finally,  select the type of evaluation (in this case) you want for your family member. For example, the General Cognitive Assessment. To select an assessment type, simply click on the assessment box.