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What is the family platform?

The CogniFit Family Platform is an innovative cognitive tool for families who want to know the cognitive status of their members, whether they are a child, a parent, a grandparent or others.

The CogniFit Family Platform allows family members to assess, track and even train their cognitive skills or those of their family members.

By simply creating an account, the family user who is responsible for the account can send assessments and/or training recommendations to an indefinite number of family members and access their results directly through the online platform (training or assessment sessions can be conducted from the family member's personal account or from the family platform itself).

The CogniFit Family platform offers cognitive assessments (the general cognitive assessment is the most popular) and different training options, all personalized. Thus, the family member manager of the platform can decide and assign the training or assessment that adjusts best to each member’s needs.

Family members will receive specific email communications to inform them that an evaluation or training is available to them. The managing family member can also give access to the main family platform so the user can just click on their profile and start the evaluation and/or training.  

Here is a link to the family platform registration process.

Once a CogniFit family account is created it cannot be changed to an individual account. If you are a person looking for a cognitive assessment and training, just register using the individual platform.

If you have any questions please write to or contact us through our web chat.