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What is a cognitive skill?

A simple way to define a cognitive skill is: process used by the brain allowing people to think, learn and remember among other things. Cognitive skills allow us to process the large amount of information we receive each and every day in life.

If you have weak cognitive skills, the information processing can be more difficult and slower. This is the reason why brain training is so important as it allows you to train your cognitive skills. Using the CogniFit platform also allows you to assess your cognitive skills and see how you compare for each of them to the general population. You can then train the cognitive skills that are the weakest and maintain in good shape the strongest ones.

Through years of research, CogniFit scientific team has identified 25+ core cognitive skills that are necessary in our daily lives. Improving these skills makes CogniFit’s technology effective, leading users to enjoy a better quality of life. Leveraging brain plasticity, brain games help you rewire your brain so it can function better and can help prevent from the natural decline of your cognitive skills as you grow older.