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How can I start training?

The training is directly on your personal home page after logging in onto the website. So you need to create an account first.

1. Access your personal home page by clicking on the home icon:

2. You can either launch your personalized training session directly or select a specific training program.

The personalized training program trains your cognition over 20+ cognitive skills whereas specific training programs focus on fewer cognitive skills. For example, the Specific training for memory trains the following cognitive skills:

2.1. Personalized training
Simply click on "Start Now" button to launch your personalized training session:

2. Select a specific training
2.1. Click on the icon of a specific training to select the program:

2.2. Click on the "Start Now" button to launch your specific training session:

Kindly note that except the personalized training that is free of charge up to 4 brain training games, other training options are for subscribers only. Simply subscribe to CogniFit to unlock all the features, including the different training options.