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Train vs Play

CogniFit makes it easy and fun to train your brain. We have two main playing options- either "playing" or "training". So, what's the difference between the two? 

The Training Program is CogniFit's feature that allows you to train one of our more than 20 cognitive skills. The training programs are made up of carefully selected games that can help you improve cognition. The training programs are made up of two brain games and one assessment task that makes it possible to track progress and give you an accurate score. 

The Brain Games, or "playing" option, allows you to play any of our brain games (if you have a CogniFit account). However, these games are only for practice and will not adequately train your brain as one of our training sessions will. Playing the games will not affect your cognitive score.

1. Training

Training programs are displayed on your personal home page.


Clicking the Start Now button will start your chosen training program. This training will automatically send you the two games and assessment task that will allow you to see your cognitive evolution.

This option will adjust with the user needs, sending them the games that will most make a difference in their cognitive profile.

Learn more about the personalized training.

2. Play

You can access all of our brain games by clicking the menu icon at the top-right corner of your screen and choosing the Games option. 


Scroll through the games and find one that you like. Click Play to start playing. You will see that you can choose the level of the game, which means you can set the game back to level 1.0 to practice before training.

Playing the games from the Games page will not update your cognitive score.


3. Differences

Training will count towards your cognitive progress/evolution and will provide you with the brain games to help you get the most out of your training. 

Playing the games will let you choose the level and the game you play, but will not affect cognitive score or track your progress.