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What are challenges?

You can challenge your connections on CogniFit. Each time you play a challenge, you play a determined number of Neurons:
 - If you win the challenge, you win the Neurons at stake.
 - If you lose the challenge, you lose the Neurons that you played.
 - If you tie, you get back your own Neurons.

Challenge Mode

You can invite and challenge your connections to play specific games.

1) Start by going to your Profile page. 

2) From your profile page, click the challenges tab.

3) Click the Create Challenge button to start a challenge with a connection.

4) Choose how many Neurons to play
As you are the challenger, you decide how many Neurons you want to play for the challenge. Select a number of Neurons between 5 and 10,000 per challenge.

Then select the game level.

Then simply select your opponent from your list of connections.

Accept a challenge
After a connection sends you a challenge, you'll be prompted to accept the challenge. Click Accept to accept it.

Target score, level, and Neurons played

When you create a challenge, the target score to beat is the score you reached at when playing the game. For example, if you create a challenge when playing the "Sudoku" game and get a score of 21 points, then your opponent's target score to beat will be 21 points. Your opponent will also play at the same level as you when accepting the challenge (i.e. your current level at that game).

When you accept a challenge, you play at the same level as the challenger played when he created the challenge.