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How do I register and start on the iPhone & iPad?

To start using the CogniFit Brain Fitness iPhone app, you need first to download it on your iPhone by visiting the iTunes store. You can also learn more about it on our dedicated Brain Fitness iPhone page.

For the CogniFit Brain Fitness iPad app, you can download the iPad app here.

Once you have downloaded and installed the application to your iPhone, you can login directly if you already have an existing CogniFit account using the same credentials that you are using on the website. To do so, simply click on "login" at the bottom of the starting screen.

If you are a new user, simply click on "register" at the bottom of the starting screen to start.

You have two different options to register before you start:
  • Signing up by providing the requested information on the register screen.
  • Signing up using your Facebook account by clicking on the Facebook Connect button. Make sure you use the credentials you are using on your own Facebook account to start.

Once you have successfully registered, you can start your training!