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What is the CogniFit for Health Professionals platform?

CogniFit offers a platform dedicated to doctors, psychologists, and health professionals to help them assess, train, track and monitor their patients' cognitive domains, like memory, attention, reasoning, coordination and perception.

By simply creating an account, a health professional can send assessment and training recommendations to a large number of patients and access their results directly through the online platform (if the patients agreed to share their data with their clinician).

CogniFit for Health Professionals offers a several cognitive assessments and brain training programs. So you can decide which training fits the need of a particular patient. You can also create groups to manage several brain training patients at the same time. 

Patients receive specific communications via email to let them know that an assessment or a training are waiting for them. You can set up specific notifications on the platform to know when your patients have completed their assessment or brain training session. 

Registering for the CogniFit for
Health Professionals platform is free and will allow you to see all of the different services that we have available. See who is the CogniFit for Health Professionals platform for.

Once a professional account is created on CogniFit, the account cannot be changed to an individual one. If you are an individual looking for a cognitive assessment and training, simply register using the individual platform.

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