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How patients register for CogniFit

Once health professionals have added patients into their account, patients receive an email invitation to register for CogniFit. Note that health professionals can also activate patients account on their behalf. As a patient, it will only take you a few clicks to register for CogniFit. Read this article for a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through the process.

1/ You can activate your patient account regardless if the invitation email was received.

The activation email may be in their spam or junk folder.

2/ The invitation includes a link to CogniFit home page.


3/ From the CogniFit homepage, click the Join Today button in the center of the screen.


4/ Click on the first option.


5/ Confirm your choice.


6/ Enter your name and email address.

The email address must be exactly the same the health professional entered for you when adding you to their account. The email address is the only way to link your patient account with your health professional's account.


7/ Enter a password.

Note that your password must be at least 6 characters long.


8/ Enter your gender and date of birth.

Why does CogniFit ask for this personal information?
CogniFit provides you with results that are automatically normed with people your same age range and gender. The scale is from 0-800. 400 is the average score for your age group, and any score above 400 is considered above average.

9/ Allow us to share your results with your health professional.

You can always change your mind later.


10/ Your patient account is now set up!