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How to invite family members to the Family Account?

CogniFit offers an easy-to-use account that allows you to invite family members or loved-ones and keep track of their training and progress. 

You can see how to create your CogniFit for Families account here.

After you create your CogniFit for Families account, you can invite family members. 

1) Start on the Add Family Members page

With the CogniFit for Families account, you can invite both adults and children under 13.

Enter the user's information and click Invite

Once you click invite, the user will have access to their account. 

Children under 13 will always have access to their account only through the main Parents account. If you do not add an email address for an adult, they will also only have access through the Parent account.

2) Activating the account 

For user over 13

Log out of your CogniFit for Family account or go to from another computer.

Follow the instructions to create a CogniFit for Individuals account.
After the user creates their account with the same email address used to invite them, they will have access to the brain training programs or cognitive assessments that have been purchased.

For users under 13
Users under 13 will access their training program right from the Family account. 

1) Click on the Family Members tab

Here, you will be able to choose the assessment and training type that you want the child to complete. Choose an option from the drop-down menu, and click Start Assessment or Train Now

Note: If you want to change between accounts on the same computer, you'll have to log out after each session. 
If no e-mail address is specified when inviting a family member, they will only be able to access their account through the Family Members tab in the Parents account.