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How CogniFit secure the data

CogniFit employs strict security measures when collecting, storing and processing user data.


Through different servers, databases, network configurations, and limited data access, CogniFit ensures that personal data, as well as user’s cognitive data  (which are stored separately), both are safe. In addition, CogniFit does not store payment data but uses specialized services for this purpose, such as Stripe or PayPal.


On the other hand, availability of CogniFit services is guaranteed by different independent servers through Amazon Web Services. This Amazon service also provides the ability to back up automatically.


Finally, monitoring of the various server parameters is carried out by a combination of specialized and internal tools. Amazon Web Service logs users as well as administrators and developers who log on, to improve security. It should be noted that the testing of the platform is carried out in a pre-production environment, which is completely independent of the services and data in the production environment.


To learn more about this information, you can download this file.