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CogniFit Scientific Validation

Each of the 23 cognitive abilities measured and trained in CogniFit has consistent statistical validation.

Cronbach's Alpha statistic was used to determine internal consistency and check compatibility of CogniFit products. A score above. 7 was obtained, demonstrating good internal consistency.

A test-retest test was also applied to test the reliability of CogniFit products. In more than 50% of cases, the data are above .8, and the rest is between .6 and .7. These scores indicate that CogniFit is reliable and accurate.

To learn more about CogniFit statistical validation, you can read this document.

CogniFit understands the importance of ensuring the quality of its products through science. For this reason, the validity of their cognitive assessments and training in different population groups has been confirmed through scientific studies carried out by various independent entities around the world.

You can access many of the published scientific articles by visiting this link.