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What is the cost of the families platform?

You can register for free for the CogniFit Family Platform but you will need to purchase assessment licenses or training licenses to fully benefit from the the platform. The price is the same as if you created several individual accounts.

As a Family Account Manager, you can purchase licenses one by one for each family member.

Assessment license: This type of license is for single-use, meaning that you must pay every time you would like a family member to complete an assessment. You will be able to measure the mental state of every family member and receive a detailed brain report of their cognitive skill scores.

Training license: This type of license is paid monthly or annually for each family member. During this period, the family member can complete as many training sessions as wanted. Please note that since every training session takes only 15-20 minutes, it should be easy to add to the schedule. The general recommendation is to complete at least one training session every other day.

See how to purchase licenses on the families platform.