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What should I do if something fails?

CogniFit's software is based on patented technology. The platform is completely online, which makes it simple to use and easy to improve. 

However, there is a possibility of running into issues as you use CogniFit. If you have any problems when taking an assessment or completing your daily brain training session, see the following suggestions:
  1.  Consult the System requirementsIt's possible that the device that you're using isn't compatible with CogniFit.
  2.  Adobe Flash Player (CogniFit is based on flash technology, so you need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to use it. Click here to download the latest version related to your operating system and browser).
  3. Clear the cache on your web browser. Clearing the cache will be different on each web browser. Click here for Mac. Click here for Windows
  4. Reload the page. After reloading, you should be able to pick up where you left off.
  5. Try to use Google Chrome, as it has the plug-ins built in and may cause fewer problems.

If the issue remains, please read the following article: "Why won't the training program launch even though Adobe Flash player's most recent version is installed?"

Finally, please send the support team a detailed description of the problem you're having and a screenshot of the issue to