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How can I apply a promotional code?

CogniFit occasionally offers discount codes to our customers with individual accounts*. These discount can save you money on your monthly or annual subscription, or on our cognitive assessments from purchases on the website**! If you're not sure what your discount or promotional code is valid for, ask a member of our support team. 

Each promotional code can only be used one time.

*Family accounts do not count as individual accounts and will not be valid for these promotional codes.
**Promotional codes can only be applied from the CogniFit website, not on the CogniFit app. 

You can apply your promo code in just a few steps. Once you're logged on to your account, follow the instructions below. 


1) Choose the service that you would like to use to apply your promo code

Once you click on the service you want to apply your promotional code to (either assessment or brain training program), the payment page will appear. 

1.1) Choose annual or monthly plan

In the case that you're purchasing a brain training subscription, choose whether you want to apply your code to a monthly or annual brain training plan by clicking the corresponding box.

2) Click the option for Promotional Code


3) Enter your promotional code and click Send

Promo codes are not case sensitive.


4) Check to verify that your promo code took off the correct percentage and fill in your payment information

After you click Send on the previous page, you'll go back to the payment page. Fill in your Name, card details, and click Complete Purchase.

After clicking Complete purchase, you'll see that you have access to your purchase right away!

If you have any questions about our promotional codes, how they can be applied, and what they are valid for, please get in touch with our customer service team.