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How to Download my Assessment Report?

Thanks for purchasing one of CogniFit assessments. You can download the results of this specific assessment at any time with no data from other testing or training sessions impacting the scores. Simply follow the instructions below depending on whether you are using a computer or a mobile device.

1/ If you are using a computer

1.1/ Log into your CogniFit account.

1.2/ Hover the mouse over the icon menu and select the Assessments option.

1.3/ In the new page, scroll down till you see the assessment you completed and click on the icon with a blue arrow icon to download your cognitive report.

2/ If you are using a mobile device

2.1/ Launch the CogniFit app

2.2/ Tap the upper right corner icon to go to the assessment list

2.3/ Tap the "completed assessments" option

2.4/ Tap the download button