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What is the cost of the families platform?

Registration on the CogniFit Families platform is free and allows for limited functionality. To benefit from cognitive training and assessments the acquisition of licenses is necessary. You can see the prices for assessments and cognitive training here. (The price for families is under the Individual Use section).

As a Family Account Manager, you can purchase licenses one by one. “Licenses" are the access required by a user/family member to perform the assessment batteries or training.

-Training Licenses: They are paid monthly or annually and during this time, the user/family member perform as many training sessions as the family account manager wishes during this time (At CogniFit we recommend 2-3 sessions per week, each session lasts approximately 10 minutes).

-Assessment Licenses: This type of license is paid for individually and is for a single use only. This access gives the family account manager the possibility to assess other family member’s cognitive profiles and to receive a report with the results obtained in each cognitive skill.

CogniFit is not involved in the economic nature of the relationship with the family members and is not responsible for the use of third parties. You may choose to bill your family members, but this financial relationship is not CogniFit’s responsibility.

If you want to purchase more than 300 licenses at a time, please contact us directly at