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Where are my family members’ results?

To see what cognitive results your  family member has achieved since their last training or assessment session, follow the steps below.

From the top right of the screen, scroll and click the "Home" option.

Choose the family member whose results you want to see and click the "View Profile" button.

In your family member's profile you will see all the results obtained in each training session and in each assessment. 

First of all, you will see a summary of the sessions they have been doing since they started using the tool. In the case of the example, the family member has undergone two training session, one on mental planning and another insomnia training session finally a cognitive insomnia assessment.

Evolution: This is the percentage that the relative has improved in relation to the previous session. 

Score: The overall result obtained in the training session or evaluation. 

Date: The day and time the family member took the test or training. 

Session: The number of sessions, in order, that the relative has performed. 

Exercises: If the family member performs a training session, the three games that make up the session will appear: two training tasks and one assessment task. 

Below are chart scores for each cognitive area. These are measured by quartiles and the family member will gain cognitive strength in one area when they surpass the second quartile. In the example, the cognitive strength (in green) is Perception area.

If you continue on your family member's profile page, you will see a section with the scores they have obtained for each cognitive skill. These and the other scores change as the family member progresses in their training.

If you click on the tab on the left side of the graph, you can see the scores in a more specific way, that is, by cognitive ability.