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  • How much does CogniFit cost?

    CogniFit is free to signup and take the personalized training up to 4 brain training games (out of 30 brain tr...

    Sep 02, 2014 03:01PM EDT
  • How to subscribe to CogniFit?

    After signing up to CogniFit (see the "How to sign up to CogniFit?" article), you only have access to some bas...

    Feb 23, 2016 09:26AM EST
  • How to cancel your subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time. Simply follow these steps: 1. Access your account settings page...

    Feb 23, 2016 09:35AM EST
  • How to give CogniFit as a gift?

    Care about your friends and family's mental health? Give them the gift of brain health with the CogniFit perso...

    Jan 06, 2015 09:54AM EST